Ode To Apollonius


Product Description

In what was once thought to be lost to the sands of time, Ode To Apollonius, a commentary on the work of Robert Morningsky from his Smoke Signals series, Harry can be found giving live commentary in a sort of pre-DVD commentary. Almost as if they were in the same room, Harry misses nary a beat, as Morningsky discusses the secret life of Jesus Kryptos. If you have any interest in the hidden works of the bible, or rather, the suppressed books of the bible, you will enjoy this commentary and rebuttal. Even if he doesn’t agree with much of what Morningsky says,as always, Harry’s unique style and wit shine through during the course of this roughly 72 minute track. This presentation arrives in two parts, simply click the link for each once, (after you receive your confirmation), and your download will begin automatically. Both tracks are in iTunes AAC format. If you do not use iTunes, most music players will still play the AAC format.