The Harry Hubbard Lecture Series August 23rd &24th

The Harry Hubbard Lecture Series August 23rd &24th

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The Harry Hubbard Lecture Series

August 23rd &24th

Pequot Museum at Foxwoods Casino

Harry Hubbard, a native of Northwest Georgia , has been fascinated with ancient American sites and relics his entire life.  As a young man, he openly theorized that ancient Romans, or another Mediterranean nation, could have been the engineers of some of the local mound systems.

Harry and his research have been featured on the history Channel program, America Unearthed, hosted by geologist Scott Wolter.  Harry is a member of Past Preservers and has written two books about the Lost Tomb in Illinois.  Harry has also produced countless reports, articles, video documentaries and other media presentations, on a wide range of obscure subjects.  There are dozen of interviews available online concerning his most famous endeavors from all over the world.

Come see this Rebel Scholar captivate you with amazing artifacts, ancient alphabets, decipherments, recorded data and true-life-drama.  For the first time, sees several discoveries and decipherments never before released to the public.  Harry will feature his ancient language library on site along with over 100 incredible artifacts and replicas from the famous tomb discovered in Marion County, Illinois.

Harry Hubbard will either go down in history as the biggest fool who ever walked this planet………or as one of the most sophisticated , accomplished and brilliant researchers to have ever lived.

Harry will have many RARE books for sale at event

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